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The Folly of Starlight Series


"Who of all the Wise could have foreseen it?"  -- Elrond, LOTR

"Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end."   -- Legolas, LOTR

If elf/elf affection isn't your thing, or you are underage, please leave now. Not mine, no money received, no disrespect intended, certainly nothing implied about real people. Where book and film canon diverge, I usually went with the film. Otherwise I used the various books of the Tolkien universe to fill in the gaps. Comments are always appreciated. 

*NOTE*: I have listed below many stories which have NOT
been written yet! They will be linked when they are completed. The muses are speaking to me again, albeit slowly. Stay tuned for more updates.

A timeline for the series can be found here.


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Be sure to check out the following stories which are NOT part of the FOS series!

"Like Flash of Fire" (L/Glor)

"Amarth" (I/E)

"South Ring - a Parody"

"A Muses' Christmas Carol - a Parody" 

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"Puritanical Elves and 'Morgoth's Ring': Wishful [Antislash] thinking or Accidental misreading?"

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The Elvish Diaspora(s), Sindarin Lords, and Greenwood the Great: Utopian Visions and Isolationist Politics

"Third Age Politics and Second Age Memories: Thranduil and the White Council" 

Prequel:Where the Shadows Are [E/GG, other pairings mentioned in brief]. Alliances built upon secrets never ring true - pun very much intended.

Interlude: Misunderstood [E/GG implied]. The true story behind Elrond's marriage to Celebrian.

Interlude: Another Day [Gl/Elr UST] Forbidden fruit is always the most desirable.

Interlude: Metamorphosis of the Heart [Gl/Elr UST] Glorfindel reflects on wishes and realities.

Interlude: Auguries of Innocence [GL/Elr] Glorfindel finds he must finally succumb to the charms and insistence of youth.

 Interlude: The Past is a Foreign Country [G/Elr] The Witch King of Angmar proves a lesser adversary than Glorfindel’s personal demons

Interlude: Taltel [E/GG implied] As Celebrian sails West, Varda makes good on a promise.

Part 1 - Images and Words [E/L UST] A chance meeting brings a glimmer of hope to Elrond's experience-hardened heart.

Interlude: Goldilox -- a scene from Images and Words done in Elrond's POV.

Part 2 - When Dream and Day Unite [E/L] The impetuousness of youth overcomes the stubborness of age.

Part 3 - Though I Am Young and Cannot Tell [E/L implied] Legolas discovers the source of Elrond's deep-seated grief and heals it as best he can from afar.

Part 4 - The Path of Destiny [E/L] Upon his return to Imladris, Legolas and Arwen share a candid conversation about their families.

Part 5 - When I Give [E/L]  A well intentioned gift leads to considerable dissension in Elrond's household.

Interlude: Building a Mystery [Gl/Elr] A family celebration brings regrets and second chances.

Part 6 - We Are Finding Who We Are [E/L] Family responsibilities keep Legolas from his heart's desire.

Part 7 - Dance of Eternity [E/L and Gl/Elr implied] Ancient curses clash with ancient promises leaving Elrond and Legolas caught in the middle.

   Interlude: The Distance That the Dead Have Gone [E/L, Tuor/Ecthelion, and Gl/Elr implied] Glorfindel and Legolas discuss life, death, and second chances.

Interlude: If You Love Them Enough [E/L implied] On the eve of Thranduil's departure from Imladris, Elrond seeks to make peace with the crimes of Mirkwood's past.

Interlude: But Few Hearts Keep [E/L, E/GG implied] A battle in the heavens mirrors that in Legolas' heart.

Interlude: I Would Be the One [E/L] Legolas proves that strength comes in many forms.

Interlude: I Invent You Again[E/L] Elrond contemplates choices made and choices he would rather never be forced to make.

Prologue: A Maze of Games [E/GG preslash] The first sparks fly between the Last High King and the Peredhel who would become his herald and lover; Prologue to Kilmessi [GG's POV].
Prologue: Bid My Blood to Run [E/GG preslash] The first sparks fly between the Last High King and the Peredhel who would become his herald and lover; Prologue to Kilmessi [E's POV].

Prologue: Lifting Shadows Off a Dream [E/GG/L fantasy] Legolas' subconscious gets the best - or worst - of him  

Interlude: Kilmessi [E/GG] The innocent discovery of an ancient letter never received brings Elrond both comfort and  closure of a sort

Interlude: Dannen [Cirdan/Maglor] Blood bonds and blood spilled are more potent than the calling of the heart.

Part 8 - Burdens Born, Burdens Borne [E/L] Legolas learns the consequences of oaths long ago sworn.

Part 9 - Who Grieve and Yearn
[E/L assumed] At the fiery destruction of Dale, Legolas learns another of his family's secrets

Part 10 - Eyes That Fire and Sword Have Seen  [E/L assumed] Legolas meets the mysterious Mithrandir and confronts his father over secrets of the past.
Part 11 - Bloodless Bonds [E/L]  Tenuous alliances are stressed and ancient mistrusts rekindled by the inaction of the White Council. NEW but still in progress!!!!

 Part 12 - The Largest Part of Me [E/L. Gl/Elr assumed] Long-dreaded news finally reaches Legolas' ears
Part 13 - The Estel Cycle [E/L] Several snapshots of important (and not so important) events involving Aragorn and Imladris

I. The Revolution of Hope - Aragorn's birth brings renewed sorrow and joy

II. Innocence and Experience - Elrond attempts to explain the birds and the bees to his young ward.

III. Waking Dreams - Aragorn confides to Legolas his new-found infatuation with the Lady Arwen

IV. The Binding Chain - Arwen tells Legolas of the decision of her heart

Part 14 - Heaven in Hell's Despair [E/L] While Frodo recovers from his Nazgul wound, Elrond tries to heal some of his own.

Interlude: Perchance to Dream [E/L and Gl/Elr implied] Elrond's angst rub off on the younger elf, and a heart-to-heart with Glorfindel doesn't help

Part 15 - Half Elves and Half Truths[E/L] Before the Council of the Ring, Elrond exacts a mysterious
promise from the Prince of Mirkwood.

Part 16 - The Strength of the Heart [E/L] On the morning of the Fellowship's exit from Rivendell, Elrond reveals to Legolas slightly more of the truth -- and exacts further promises.

Interlude: Fanuilos [E/L implied] A snowfall brings back precious memories when Elrond needs them most. 

Part 17 - Of Rings and Elves [E/L implied] Galadriel peers into Legolas' heart as the Prince comes to understand more of Elrond's burden.

Interlude: What is This That Gives Me Hope

Part 18 - The Spirit Carries On  [E/L, G/E implied] Help comes from an unexpected source in battle

more to come....

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