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Here you will find Fan Fiction, Opinions, Discussions, and Stuff in general. Highlander: the Series originally was the main focus of these pages, but now there are stories based on Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Sentinel, among them. There will also be links to some favorite sites, Highlander and others. This site will always be Under Construction, so please check back from time to time for new stories, essays, and miscellany, written by Emma Keigh and friends. Enjoy your visit. Feedback will always be appreciated.

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Who is Emma Keigh?

Born in California, Emma now lives with her husband, children, and mother in Arkansas. She has been active in fandom since 1978 and has written fan fiction under a variety of names in the Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch, Dracula, Superman, and Star Wars genres before becoming obsessed with Highlander: the Series, and The Lord of the Rings.

With an academic background in history and English, and graduate work in writing, Emma’s alter-ego has worked in public relations, publishing, education, entertainment, and law. She has designed knitting and crochet items for Leisure Arts, and currently works as a substitute teacher, as well as running Emkay Graphics, offering professional editorial and word processing services.

In addition to writing and editing fiction, Emma is a Martial Artist and Convention Organizer. Designing — web sites, knit and crochet — takes up what hours are left in the day.

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This is a slash-friendly and adult-friendly site. If you are underage, or find such concepts offensive, use the BACK button on your browser. Each story will be labeled for content and rating. Highlander, by its very nature, is catagorized as violent, due to the implied, if not explicit, taking of heads. In the case of Lord of the Rings, relationships may involve members of different species. Slash refers to a romantic and/or sexual relationship between characters of the same gender. No implications regarding actors are intended. Stories may contain explicit scenes of sex and/or violence, as well as strong language.

ADULT means ADULT — over 18 or 21, depending on where you live.

Do not read stories that are not intended for your age or interest group.

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